IRLP Help and Information Page

Helpful Tutorial for IRLP Beginners

IRLP tutorial for beginners
Download the PDF file of the tutorial

Gary McDuffie notes and commands for IRLP

IRLP YouTube Help videos

IRLP Wiki page- Internet Radio Linking Project

Craig's VOIP for Ham Radio talk at Quartzfest 2019

Dave Murphy KF7MLE Debian 8 install Instructions on Intel

Build your own Raspberry Pi IRLP node with VPN

Go to the "build your own pi" web page

wiring diagram for Nano-node to Alinco radio

How to modify a Baofeng UV-5R for IRLP

Links to all the popular ham Voice Over IP (voip) systems

IRLP system - - Allstar system - - Echolink system - - Speakfreely (windows) (Linux) (manual) - - Yaesu Wires-X

Software Zip File Downloads

Download Putty and Winscp

Speak Freely for Windows

Ispeaker Imike for Linux (not for the Pi)

Ispeaker Imike for Linux for Raspberry Pi

Win32Diskimager zip file

Buy an IRLP node instead of building one

The Nano Node - ultra small IRLP node ready to go - includes the radio

The Embedded node - no radio included

The Raspberry Pi node - no radio included

If you want to build a new IRLP node or upgrade your existing node

IRLP node New Install or upgrade

How to create a backup file of your existing IRLP node

Download zip file containing Speak Freely and Open VPN for Windows install

Build your own node with a Raspberry Pi and a Baofeng 888

go to Backup Reflector (currently being used as a YSF digital voice reflector)

go to Quartzfest Talk 2019

Quartzfest talk on VOIP for Ham Radio